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Autoclaves (Top Load) Seamless Aluminium

    Main Features:
    • Mirror Finish, Powder Coated
    • Deactivates all Bacteria & Viruses
    • Used for sterilization of Surgical Dressings & Instruments.
    • Available with Timer, Thermostat, Low Water Cut-off.
    • Seamless construction made of Aluminum.
    • Available in various sizes both Electrical & Gas fueled.
    • Fitted with “ISI” (Statistical Quality Control and Operations Research) marked Gasket (for Hygiene)
    • ISI marked Heating Element for longer life
    • ISI marked 3-Pin plug and Element connector for extra safety.
     Available with :
     •  Mechanical Rotary Timer / Digital Timer
     • Electrical or Gas Fueled

     Sizes Available
9" x 11" (13 liters)
12" x 12" (23 liters)
12" x 14" (26 liters)
12" x 16" (30  liters)
12" x 20" (40 liters)

Autoclave Indicator Tape

Autoclave Indicator Tape

Main Features:
This chemical indicator tape has stripes that change color after exposure to steam sterilization conditions to provide immediate identification of processed items

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