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 Dental Ambulances
Vehicle Option Fabrication:

- Air conditioned vehicle with insulation of 60 mm P.U.F to prevent heat radiation to minimize noise from outside.
- Intercom system between driver cabin and patient compartment.
- Flooring made of durables, easily cleanable material, like those used in passenger aircrafts. KSM 3802-98 with the UV coating   granule chip wear layer, glass fiber reinforcement to prevent from curling contraction or expansion  due to heat and humidity   and PVC backing layer for better adhesion of material
- Well illuminated patient compartment
- Refrigerator provided
- Provision for mounting autoclave
- Work station
- Over head storage system.
- One rear flap door mounted on hinges with Teflon bushes and imported forged steel and water connection.
- Complete power generator engine kp3c Mitsubishi/ force/compatable to the load
- One scrub station with tap, liquid soap stand, towel ring.
- Brackets for one big type O2 cylinders.
- Both AC/DC sockets provided.
- Sound proof generator cabin
- Digital clock
Body: Built on LOAD BEARING CROSS MEMBERS ISMC (75x40x6) mm. The side infrastructure to constitute of C/R.H/R.M/S section in 10G, 12G, 14G used as per design. Outside/floor, roof, wall and doors cladding corrugated PRECOATED GALVANISED SHEETS . Bonded on to the infrastructure via high tensile nuts, bolts and solid aluminum rivets and welding via the Co2 protected Mig    welding process.
- The outside roof and floor constitutes PRECOATED Galvanized sheets. Inside floors and side panels constitute of     corrugated/plain
   PRECOATED/ stainless steel sheets in .8mm to offer maximum assistance in air circulation.

one or one flap door at the rear end, and two flap doors on the side one-side opening constructed of sandwich Puf with sheet cladding on both sides with EPDM oil resist long life rubber gasket to maintain lowest levels of infiltration from    outside. The doors are mounted on the container using heavy duty forged locks and hinges as per International Practice. -

- Box container mounted piggyback on chassis by means of U-Bolts 14mm with Nylon nuts and braces on cross
members and wooden long members as per design recommended by the chassis manufacturers.

Throughout the body 60(mm) polyurethane PANELS to offer excellent insulation. The insulation will have
comprehensive covering of waterproofing used as per design to protect the insulation from water vapor and water formed out of consideration and box container servicing
- Air-conditioning: latest version alpha Transecure roof top mounted dual AIR-Conditioning unit for O.T Surgery section & the
  waiting room.
- Provided AC/ DC sockets in the location necessary.
- Light bar PA system siren and high intensity blinkers.
- Sound proof generator cabin.
- Digital clock.

 Medical Ambulances
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